Safety Information

Please be aware that Bow and Beyond hair accessories are decorative products. You use these hair accessories at your own risk and at your discretion. We cannot be held responsible for any accidents arising from the use of Bow & Beyond hair accessories.

Please ensure that this product is used safely and with supervision. We recommend that you remove your child’s hair accessories for sleep or when a child is unsupervised. Bow and Beyond hairclips are small and could present a choking hazard.

By purchasing a Bow and Beyond hair accessory, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions of use.

Each hair clip at Bow & Beyond is hand made with care, love and attention to detail. Every hair clip has been carefully considered and designed with your daughter in mind.

Our uniquely stylish range of hair clips combine a metallic clip adorned with ornate ribbon. Unlike traditional press clips which require the application of force to fasten to the head, Bow & Beyond clips open when gently pressed, before gliding quickly, effortlessly yet securely onto hair.

Our range is timeless and chic, intricate and beautiful in detail, yet practical in design. We're sure you'll agree our accessories are suitable for every occasion and make ideal gifts.

At Bow & Beyond we believe that girls of all ages delight in luxurious detail, therefore we hope that both you and your daughter will treasure these accessories as much as we do.